16 December 2015

im officially graduated , Kuisas.


Thank you mak ayah,i loveeeeee youuuu so much.
Alhamdulillah i'm officially graduated ! i did it ! No longer a student brrooohhhhh ! hehe oh well, we'll see maybe if i have a heart to further my studies again, thennnnnn i can back that TITTLE ! Haha .

btw, I've learnt and seen so much in these 3 years. huhu but it was so fast ! i still remember the very first dayy yaahhh when i stepped into KUISAS . wakaka *tudung labuh hitam jalan tunduk bawah, kekekekekeke

Thanks to BardenBellen ,heee muah 
korang tahuuuu, tanpa korang memang tak akan siapp thesis aku. big thanks for all my lect especially to Pn.Nurul Huda .

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